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General Dentistry typically entails an initial consultation and dental examination, at which time Dr. Kohani and his staff carefully examine your teeth, gums, mouth and general state of oral health. They may also perform x-rays to see more of your teeth and gums than what they can see with their eyes. This helps Dr. Kohani better identify your current state of oral health, as well as your oral history.

The basic procedures covered by general dentistry include:

  • Cleanings to remove scale, plaque and tartar that has built up on, behind, between and around your teeth (polishing normally follows a routine dental cleaning)
  • Fillings to restore teeth from cavity damage
  • Crowns to cover broken, chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged teeth
  • Dental implants to restore missing or severely damaged teeth
  • Dentures (either complete or partial) to restore one or more missing teeth
  • Teeth whitening to restore the naturally white, bright look of your teeth (using a much stronger whitening product than you will find in any store)
  • Dental veneers that are applied to the fronts of your teeth to give your teeth a new, complete look
  • Basically, general dentistry covers the broad range of dental care that occurs most often in a dentist’s chair.

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