One-Visit Ceramic Crowns
San Diego

We are excited to provide you with ceramic restorations – Same Day Crowns, Inlays and Onlays – in just one visit.

Same Day Smile make overs are now gaining popularity with our patients busy life styles and high demand for comfort and personal attention. Our office prides itself in providing the best and highest level of quality and attention to esthetic demands of our patients. Our proven time tested techniques will assure your desired smile in the most conservative and timely fashion, while sedated or just enjoying the comfort of rooms listening to music of your choice or watching a favorite show..

cerec san diegoUsing a precise digital impression, we do away with the need for messy impressions and challenging temporaries that can fall out or be sensitive. Your restoration is fabricated on the spot in our office from the digital impression, enabling a more accurate fit.

You can enjoy better, more natural-looking results with these quality bondings that blend right into your existing teeth.

No second visit is required, saving you time and affording you convenience!

The CEREC Process

  • Exam – Your tooth is examined
  • Preparation – Dr. Kohani analyzes result and decides on the tooth preparation method by preparing the tooth (basically, removing the tooth decay).
  • Optical Impression – A picture is taken of the prepared tooth. No gagging impressions required.
  • Restoration Creation – Dr. Kohani then uses the CEREC machine to design, create and prepare the dental crown, dental filling, or dental onlay that you require, right in the office.
    After your customized restoration is milled out of a solid block of porcelain (completed in 10-15 minutes) it is polished and then bonded to your tooth.For more information, please watch the following CEREC video.

Schedule a CEREC consultation with Dr. Kohani to find out how quickly and simply he can repair a tooth with beautiful porcelain.



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