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Replacing Missing Teeth

A natural tooth is anchored into the jawbone by the root of the tooth. The root attaches firmly to the jawbone and maintains tooth stability when you bite, chew and put pressure on your teeth. dental implants san diego

Decay, trauma or disease may cause the loss of one or more teeth. The roots of those missing teeth, while they were present, worked to stimulate the surrounding bone of the jaw and maintain the natural shape of the jaw.

After a tooth loss, the bone of the jaw begins to resorb (basically melt) because the pressure is missing that previously stimulated the surrounding bone and helped maintain the jaw’s natural shape

Over the years, such bone loss can cause a person’s face to change, the jaw and mouth appear to shrink and collapse, thinner looking lips appear and there are increases in wrinkles around the mouth and neck. Over time, most importantly, the jawbone itself thins down, and this change limits the dental options available and reduces the possibilities of replacing teeth. The teeth that remain are no longer supported by the lost teeth, their roots and the bone of the jaw. Without support, the remaining teeth begin to shift and drift toward open spaces. The extra load on these moving and unsupported teeth can weaken them and lead to additional tooth loss.

In order to stop the possible cascading negative consequences of tooth loss, many people choose a solution that provides them with the closest resemblance to natural teeth. That would be the dental implant.

Implants are crafted from the super strong material, titanium. The titanium allows for bone infiltration and osteoblast (cells that make bone) activity. This is followed by osseointegration, in which the jawbone grows in and around the implant and secures the titanium “root” into place.

An dental implant restoration process consists of three parts:

The Implant

The implant itself is the titanium root-like screw that is embedded in the bone.

The Abutment

Before Dr. Kohani can place the implant crown in place and finish the restoration, he needs to place an abutment which serves to connect the crown to the titanium implant.

The Crown

The crown is crafted to match your natural teeth in color and shape and is cemented into place onto the abutment.

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