Accelerated Adult Orthodontics San Diego

Orthodontic treatments, in the past, have taken as long as two or three years to complete. That is the main reason that most adults shy away from considering the benefits of adult orthodontics.  Most people are still under the impression that it will require several years to attain the smile that they desire orthodontically.

Accelerated Adult Orthodontics San Diego

Thanks to the recent innovations and technologies in the area of orthodontics, with Nickel titanium wires, heat activated and super elastic wires, and the combination of smart brackets and incorporation of Invisalign, Dr. Kohani can now complete most orthodontic cases as little as 6-8 months.

Our patients are seen more frequently (not just once a month like most orthodontic offices), but once a week or every other week in most cases. Dr. Kohani uses clear or ceramic brackets and braces that are not only less noticeable but minimize the amount of discomfort experienced.

If you are considering any cosmetic procedures as an adult you definitely need to keep in mind adult orthodontics which are capable of aligning and correcting most teeth rotations and crowding without removing all of your healthy and valuable enamel.

Traditionally, porcelain veneers or crowns achieve quick and beautiful cosmetic results, but patients are often not aware of permanent damage done to their teeth by the removal of their existing enamel.

Before committing to any irreversible or permanent procedure, we scan your teeth using our 3D scanner and within a week or so a 3D model of your mouth is created with all the new proposed changes. As our patient, you will be able to see the results of potential changes to your teeth and smile prior to having the treatment performed. This is a very powerful and realistic approach which allows you to visualize the results prior the beginning of treatment.

With orthodontic therapy, there are more advantages that just straight teeth and a great new smile. There are definite health advantages as well as braces correct underlying structural problems that may have led to crooked teeth or an overbite. Our accelerated adult orthodontics, just like traditional orthodontics, can leave you smiling and healthier in the end.

Orthodontics San Diego

If you have crooked teeth or are irritated by biting and chewing problems, but you dread the idea of wearing braces for years on end, Dr. Kohani’s accelerated orthodontics may be a great alternative for you. Schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Kohani to find out how quickly and simply you can start straightening your teeth and enjoying your beautiful new smile!

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